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Yevhenii Shkvar

Zhejiang Normal University

Education and specialization: Professor Yevhenii Shkvar graduated from the Kyiv Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers (KICAE, Ukraine), Mechanical Department (1985); received the 1-st academic degree, equivalent to Ph.D., in the major: “Aerodynamics and Heat Transfer Processes of Flying Vehicles” (KICAE, 1989) and the 2-st academic degree Doctor of Science (Engineering) in the major: “Mechanics of Liquid, Gas and Plasma” (Institute of Hydromechanics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 2011). 


Research priorities: He is an expert in fluid mechanics and, in particular, development of models of turbulence for different shear flows in order to control their properties in various applications. He has about 250 publications, including 50 publications in high-level professional journals and an active participant of various conferences, congresses, symposiums and colloquiums (Ukraine, China, USA, Spain, Greece, Poland, Japan, Korea, Russia), a member of editorial boards of 4 International scientific journals: International Journal of Thermofluid Science and Technology (China), Engineering Science & Technology (senior editor, Singapore), Bulletin of Cherkasy University. Ser. "Applied Mathematics. Informatics" (Ukraine), Transactions of the Institute of Aviation (Poland) and a reviewer of various journals.


Educational contribution: He has a long term (37 years) and wide range educational activity and one of the developers of the valid Ukrainian Standard of Higher Education of the bachelor level in Mechanical Engineering, major - Aviation and Space-rocket Technology.


Scientific and educational recognition, awards: Currently Prof. Shkvar occupies the Professor’s position of the College of Engineering at Zhejiang Normal University (Jinhua). He is a member of the Zhejiang province program “A 1000 of Foreign Talented Experts Plan” since 2017, awarded by the “West Lake Friendship award” in 2018 (Zhejiang province, Hangzhou, China) and Academician of the Transport Academy of Ukraine since 2019, winner of the Zhejiang province contest “International online 1-st level training course for bachelors with online teaching in 2022”.


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May 15, 2024
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Aug. 9-11, 2024

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